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Seamless, best-in-class customer experience strategised, delivered and managed. One reliable, human point of contact for your new resident’s journey, from practical completion to handover and aftercare.


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Conductor injects energy, capability and capacity at that crucial moment when projects need a final push to get over the line.

We know – from data and experience – how human connection can positively charge both customer experience and developer reputation. Our white-labelled service combines technology with face-to-face interactions to manage the whole customer journey – from pre-completion to move-ins, aftercare to snags and defect management.

Your new residents enjoy a frictionless experience, and you get peace of mind knowing everything is ‘just so’, every time.

How can we help?

How can we help you?

For you

We provide capability and capacity at a crucial point of the project; you enjoy peace of mind knowing we have it all under control.

Our white-labelled service is the single face of customer experience as we welcome new residents; your involvement is drastically reduced.

We increase efficiency in snag and defect remediation, keeping the customer informed and satisfied, and minimising costs.

We ensure greater customer satisfaction, driving referrals and retention, increasing sales velocity and premiums, and protecting and enhancing your reputation.

We give your team back time and space to focus on quality, readiness and commercial goals.

For your customer

We provide a helpful, reliable and consistent voice throughout your customer’s journey, building trust in the process from the very beginning.

We expertly manage comms, from pre-completion to move in and beyond so customers always know where they stand.

We hand over the keys, and we understand the sense of occasion. First impressions count, and this one sets the scene for a positive ongoing customer experience.

We turn your buyers into advocates of your brand. That drives goodwill, positive reviews and more sales – everyone benefits.

We enhance your development’s reputation, adding both financial and social value to your residents’ properties.

See our in-depth brochure or speak to our brilliant team.

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Finish With a flourish

We’ve worked our magic on some of London’s best residential projects. Read about Conductor in action.

One Crown Place



With apartments in these KPF designed towers still available for sale post-completion and a high level of competition in the area, it is imperative to uphold the utmost in customer satisfaction to ensure the development retains its exceptional reputation.

The complexity and size of the building also means that an experienced and professional team is required to enable smooth handovers and move-ins to deliver the level of service expected from both domestic and overseas purchasers.


We created and implemented all CX strategies and systems appropriate for the development. The senior advisory team continues to ensure integration of internal and external teams, including the main contractor, to enable a successful and smooth transition for the residents.

Nine months prior to completion, Conductor became the face of One Crown Place’s Customer Experience service, establishing one point of contact for all residents. We managed the portal development, newsletter content, design and fulfilment, creation of the homeowner guides and all other collateral.

We prepared customers for completion and move-ins and conducted the key handovers and home demonstrations with flair and professionalism to ensure an exemplary experience.

Currently in the aftercare phase, we continue to manage the snag resolution and defects throughout the liability period. It is our role to ensure the contractors uphold their obligations, that resident satisfaction remains high and that the building is successfully handed over to the building manager.

Worth noting, we have designed, fielded and analysed a Customer Satisfaction Survey spanning the sales process, design and product, customer experience and building management/concierge. The results have been used by all teams to continually improve service delivery to customers and for future development planning.


Peace of mind for the client knowing that a professional and experienced team are managing the intricate completion, handover and defect process.

Frequent and honest communication with residents to inform and update during the COVID-19 challenges.

90% overall net satisfaction for the development





City Fringes/Shoreditch, London


Residential Market Sale


Strategy & Systems , Connect & Inform, Conduct , Aftercare


235 homes


KPF SAY Property Consulting London Residential Management, LRM Mace CBRE


3 years (ongoing)

Principal Tower



To provide a seamless customer experience on this exceptional Foster and Partners tower, managing all customer communication relating to handovers, move-ins, snags, defects and the two-year aftercare period for a culturally diverse set of residents with high expectations of quality and service.


Beginning nine months prior to practical completion we worked with the developer, contractor, operations and building management teams to agree a strategy that would optimise customer satisfaction and the project’s financial goals.  As part of the set-up phase we brought all customer communications together under our white labelled team, ensuring consistent messaging regarding the latter stages of development and ensuring their preparation for the all-important completion and handover phases. 

As we moved through these latter stages, the established relationships with the residents, in-house legal teams, concierge and contractors meant that despite a condensed move-in period starting seven weeks prior to the end of the year, all customers could be accommodated, even those moving between Christmas and New Year. 


The aftercare, snagging and defect management period began as soon as the first resident was in their apartment ensuring a seamless experience from day one.  As we continue through the aftercare phase our one-face of interaction model allows us to serve each customer personally according to their needs and at the same time provide frequent and complete reporting for our clients, identifying the most efficient way of dealing with any individual or systemic issues.

By providing a team that can flex up and down in terms of experience and resource level at short notice, we were able to accommodate a more condensed initial move-in period than originally envisaged without impacting overall costs, satisfying residents and our clients alike. 

Additionally, given the challenges that COVID-19 and lockdown brought at a key stage of the aftercare phase, our tailored systems and processes were able to quickly adapt to an offsite operating model, ensuring the required level of service was maintained for all customers. 

Our objective position with regards to snags and defects has allowed us to provide our clients with a clear understanding of items to be addressed by the contractor, and facilitate access for these to items to be remediated in a timely manner.

200 legal completions and handovers achieved within one month


Shoreditch, London


Residential Market Sale


Strategy & Systems, Connect & Inform, Conduct, Aftercare


299 homes


Brookfield Properties Concord Multiplex Construction Foster and Partners SAY Property Consulting London Residential Management, LRM


4 years (ongoing)

Queens Park Place



With their first large scale residential development nearing completion, Londonewcastle required a white-labelled team to manage resident communication, handovers, snags, defects and aftercare for their 119-apartment development in Queens Park.

With units still available for sale post completion, it was imperative that the clients corporate and development brand reputation were upheld, as well as ensuring the utmost in customer satisfaction to bolster remaining sales.


Retained for over four years, we acted as the single face of customer care for the Queens Park Place residents and contractors. Due to strict contractual obligations, all handovers needed to complete within two weeks, requiring an exceptional level of pre-completion strategy and planning to ensure this was achievable.

We provided a hassle-free solution that allowed for the development team to focus on quality of the build, readiness and the commercial goals of the project.


Our rigorous planning throughout this project allowed for 98% of legal completions to be achieved over a three-day period, as well as 82% of key handovers completing within 14-days.

Furthermore, due to our pragmatic and diligent approach to customer care, over 84% of the total snags and defects were closed out within four months of PC.

This resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction which in turn upheld Londonewcastle’s excellent reputation, as well as upholding the development reputation which contributed to maintaining  strong sale and resale values.

98% legal completions achieved over three days

84% of the total snags and defects closed out within four months

82% of key handovers completed within 14 days




Queens Park, West London


Residential Market Sale


Systems & Strategy, Connect & Inform, Conduct, Aftercare




Bouygues James Andrews Residentail


4 years

Southbank Tower



Conductor were tasked with creating a ”five-star” front of house experience for residents, as well as implementing a smoother move-in process and a system to integrate with the contractor to clear snags and defects.


Conductor was already working as the outsourced marketing team at Southbank Tower. This was then extended into customer experience to ensure brand values and reputation were upheld.

Together with SAY Property we were instrumental in appointing the front of house and property management team, to ensure a five-star service was created. A front of house brand – Consort 24 – was conceived. This entailed everything from training staff in brand values through to uniforms, activation of amenity space, marketing collateral and an app.

Being brought on board once move-ins were already underway was no easy task, yet the CX team integrated smoothly with Mace, setting up a system for monitoring and clearing snags and defect as well as moving residents into the building on weekends and after hours to ensure completions could occur as swiftly as possible.


The Telegraph wrote a piece outlining the exemplary experience saying it was probably “the best concierge service in London”. The experience was used widely as a marketing tool in a scheme that still had apartments to sell post completion.

By setting up a system for move-ins, which included weekends and after hours, the client was able to realise funds from completions more swiftly. Additionally, the process for monitoring and clearing snags and defects meant that a backlog was cleared, customers were communicated with more clearly and that led to a greater levels of satisfaction.



Southbank, London


Residential Market Sale


Strategy & Systems


193 homes


Say Property Consulting Mace


1 year

The Boiler House and Hoola



The Boiler House is nestled in U+I’s £250m regeneration project in Hayes; The Old Vinyl Factory with Hoola situated in the Royal Docks.

We were tasked with streamlining existing processes as well as creating cohesive Customer Experience strategies for both sites.


We first created a vision for Hub’s customer experience function, ensuring it upheld the values of being “people centred property developers” and humanising the experience for customers.

By working with the development teams, contractors and building managers on both sites we pulled together a cohesive communications plan, move-in / handover and aftercare strategy.


We ensured that snag and defect management was highly organised and customer expectations were managed; in turn, issues were quickly cleared and customer trust was developed thereby delivering a high level of satisfaction.


Hayes and Royal Docks


Residential Market Sale


Strategy & Systems, Connect & Inform, Conduct, Aftercare


54 (Boiler House), 360 (Hoola)


Strawberry Star Henry Construction


2 years

Our Team

We are multi-talented, smart and experienced – meticulous and consistent in our work, and articulate and personal in our communication. We’re a team that’s good for you, good for your residents, and good for your reputation.

Rianne Reading


In over 11 years of working across the residential and construction sector, Rianne has developed a thorough understanding of what ‘excellence’ looks like when it comes to customer experience.

For Rianne, it starts with being passionate about people. Over the years she’s rolled up her sleeves and talked to thousands of residents, landlords, contractors and clients about their needs.

In former roles her solutions-based approach has seen her heading up Customer Care functions for Berkeley Group and Ardmore. If a resident has asked it – anywhere, even once – she has answered it.

Superpower: Radiantly Resolute

Charlotte Constance


Charlotte, Conductor’s Founder, is a successful entrepreneur and prominent industry speaker who has previously held senior positions within highly regarded real estate businesses.

Her enterprising, energetic and empathetic nature affords her a knack for collaborating and creating cohesion across complex, multi-stakeholder projects.

With 20 years in the industry and a determination to rewrite expectations for ‘business as usual’, Charlotte’s starting point is still always the customer.

She set up our Customer Experience business to give every customer the experience they deserve, every time. The fact that it also makes our clients’ lives easier, less stressful and more profitable is just the icing on the cake.

Superpower: Positively Charged

Deborah Morralee


Deborah has over 15 years’ experience working in luxury residential customer experience, including working on high-profile schemes in Central London (most notably with Argent at their King’s Cross site).

Her energy and expertise have been lighting up Conductor’s customer experience team since 2018. She’s been a key point of contact for clients, contractors and residents on-site, and has been pivotal in overseeing the development and training of our team.

It’s her goal to deliver exceptional customer experience, and peace of mind for our clients. She’s great at doing both.

Superpower: Professionally Optimistic

Fieroza Selman

Senior Customer Experience Executive

Over the past five years, Fieroza has worked for two of the UK's leading property Developers. Most recently under the Berkeley Group at high-end developments such as Vista and West End Gate.

She has extensive experience in delivering a seamless customer experience from start to finish. With her illuminating personality and smile, Customers always feel comfortable and assured that their needs will be met.

Fieroza strives for continuous progress and always aims to set herself up for success.

Superpower: Illuminatingly Professional 

Lauren Sadler


Over the past seven years Lauren has worked with some of the UK’s biggest and best housing and construction companies, including two 5* housebuilders. She’s helped oversee some of London’s most notable and headline-grabbing development projects, including One Blackfriars, Chelsea Creek and London Dock.

Experienced with projects at scale, Lauren is still a champion of the human touch. She has spent countless hours meeting face-to-face with stakeholders, and resident satisfaction is always the bottom line for Lauren. Her experience in delivering it is invaluable for Conductor’s clients.

Superpower: Personably Positive

Linda Sesay


Linda is extremely versatile in all that she does. With a background in events, I.T., and the charity sector, her gentle and empathetic nature has laid solid foundations for building relationships and reaching resolutions for our clients and customers.

Beyond her friendly smile and infectious positivity, Linda’s impeccable attention to detail assists the team in developing a seamless customer journey.


Superpower: Assiduously Attentive

David Stevens


As the Executive Director of Conductor, David advises on systems and processes, financial forecasting, resourcing and budgeting. He ensures all elements are thoroughly considered and planned, paving the way for the Conductor CX team to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Before joining Conductor, David spent over 20 years holding senior positions in Investment Banking and Financial Services. With that he brings a wealth of experience from working with major institutions, delivering large scale projects and managing broad stakeholder groups. He brings a fresh perspective to traditional ways of thinking in the property industry.

Superpower: Intellectually Earthed

‘The Conductor team have consistently acted with professionalism, integrity and sound judgement. They have been a pleasure to work with, providing an excellent service to both ourselves and the residents at Principal Tower.’

Dan Scanlon – Executive Vice President, Brookfield Properties

‘We feel very safe in the knowledge that Conductor has everything covered – their attention to detail and ability to anticipate issues makes for happy customers and makes us a happy client.’

Aiman Hussein – Director and Owner Representative, AMTD London

‘We worked with Conductor at a time when we needed to swiftly implement customer experience procedures and systems. They were flexible and nimble and added real value to the process.’

Robert Sloss – CEO & Co-Founder Hub Residential

testimonialleft testimonialright

Experiential Thinking

We’re not just leaders in delivering customer experience – we’re thought leaders too. From exploring new technology to championing the human touch, and from disruptive new solutions to a hunger for data and insights, we think and work differently.

In conversation with the CX Team


We got together and had a chat about all things Customer Experience. Listen to some of the findings from a recent survey of 2,000 participants and get to which qualities our team values the most.

Some insights both professional and personal from our Head of Customer Experience


Meet our wonderful head of Customer Experience, Rianne Reading. her super power is being Radiantly Resolute and boy is she just that. 

There is nothing she hasn't seen in terms of residential apartment handovers and aftercare having worked for some of London's finest developers in house and for a large well known contractor. Both sides of the coin let us just say. 

She is unflappable, relishes a challenge and has the highest of standards. 

We asked her a few personal questions...

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m an avid traveller and like to balance my committed work ethic, with a couple of holidays each year; there’s nothing I find more enriching than visiting different parts of the world and seeing how other cultures live. In my spare time, I also enjoy reading non-fiction books about human behaviour and psychology, philosophy, ancient archaeology and astronomy. I also love dancing, I am currently attending weekly salsa classes and spending time with friends and family.

Who is your inspiration?

I am inspired by strong women all over the world who strive to break down the barriers and stereotypes that society has placed on them.

Where would you like to visit?

Göbekli Tepe; a Neolithic archaeological site in South-eastern Anatolia, Turkey. Dated to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, between c. 9500 and 8000 BCE, the site comprises a number of large circular structures supported by massive stone pillars and is the world's oldest known megalith. (Description taken from Wiki)

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

Gaia: The Big Mother; a documentary about the origin, evolution and future of the Earth, focusing on the geological concepts and the role of life and humans. 

What would you like remembered about you?

That I made people feel noticed, and as though they could be themselves around me.

What's your favourite restaurant?

Being a lover of Japanese food, it would have to be Zuma (Knightsbridge), followed in close second place by Gold, Notting Hill. As a Pescatarian, Gold won me over with their amazing variety of mouth-watering vegetarian plates!

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Kool & The Gang – Celebration; because I feel like life itself should be celebrated – we shouldn’t limit laughing and toasting with friends and family to just birthdays and Christmases!

Launching Conductor CX


And here it is! Six years in the making, some stellar clients and having worked on some of London's most notable landmark projects, we are ready for our CX business to fly the nest and stand alone (yet still as part of our Conductor family!). 

We have established a great track record, learnt many lessons along the way, established the very best of teams, conducted our research, designed our systems and processes and now we are ready to continue to offer an exceptional experience to both our clients and their customers under our new CX brand.

Just a thought: an insight into brand loyalty and trust


In 2021 as part of Conductor's Thrive Series, we surveyed 2,000 people to ask them about brand loyalty and trust and what a good Customer Experience looks like.

What we found is that the difference between a good and great customer experience undoubtedly has significant impact on the longer-term premium that your product can attract – a theme that we see as only getting stronger in a post-pandemic world where loyalty to brand will count for less given a greater emphasis on value for money and trust in what is being offered in the here and now.


Quality of the product still tops our list of most important factors. In a close second after that comes a grouping of four factors that really emphasise the need to walk the talk – deliver on your promises, be honest in your communications, deliver a quality customer experience and be consistent in doing all of this.




When looking at those attributes in second and third places - what do they all have in common? Well they all relate to the experience a customer has when communicating with your brand or your people. 

An exceptional experience, more than ever, is essential to build loyalty, build trust and turn customers into advocates.

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